Tanzanian food group invests $2m to displace packaging imports
Mwanza-based Falcon Packaging, a subsidiary of the Alpha Group, has injected $2m in a strategic drive aimed at complementing government-backed initiatives to improve the performance of Tanzania‘s business and industrial sectors .The investment is for producing well-designed packaging materials for domestic and industrial uses, said Geneshan Vedagiri, Falcon Packaging’s managing director.

“We have decided to come up with high quality packaging materials which can survive stiff competition in both domestic and foreign markets,” said Vedagiri, according to local media.Tanzania’s Falcon Packaging is replacing imports from Kenya. Before establishing Falcon Packaging, the Alpha Group of Companies imported packaging materials from Kenya for its fish factories in Mwanza, Dar es Salaam and Mafia.

Packaging imports had cost the factories a lot of money, said Vegagiri. Falcon Packaging now produces materials for Alpha’s factories and exports materials to East African countries including Uganda, said Vedagiri.Falcon has recently invested in an environment-friendly project to convert plastic waste into ‘greenwood’ products for furniture such as school desks, hospital beds and garden chairs, he was reported as saying.

The company collects waste from surrounding communities in the project, which create jobs for Tanzanians who supply plastic wastes to the company and supports government strategies to protect the environment, he said.“Today the whole world is trying for tree plantation for saving the environment,” he was quoted as saying.