br>STEER is a globally acknowledged force in the polymer processing machine industry and a creator of state-of-the-art products catering to the polymer, pharmaceutical, powder coating and food processing industries. STEER has well established manufacturing facility in India and sales & service offices in USA, JAPAN, CHINA, EUROPE and MIDDLE EAST

STEER has reached a global leadership position in EPZ products with a market share of over 15%. {EPZ = Extruder Processing Zone which are primarily Screw Elements, Shafts & Barrels}. STEER which began its generation next co-rotating twin-screw extruders marketing in year 2003, is the leader in the India region with a market share of over 60%; has continuously innovated and has got recognition awards for its flagship brand STEER OMEGA and STEER OMEGA H Class. STEER extruders are present actively in USA, Middle East, Japan, China & Europe.

STEER is well known for proven technology, precision manufacturing, metallurgy expertise, perfect engineering, relentless service, expertise in processing and know-how in compounding. STEER has its own foundry to manufacture specialty tool steels. This allows STEER complete traceability and control over the input material that goes into the components manufactured.

SPL 40 (extruders.steerworld.com)

In February 2012, STEER introduced its new line of ‘Compounding Pelletizing System’ that is dedicated to lean manufacturing. Super Production Lines – SPL. It was launched in Plastindia 2012 in a befitting manner supported by media blitz. The product met with excellent response both from the India Region and global customers.

SPL 40 is a compounding pelletizing system comprising of a Co-rotating twin-screw extruder with a Feeder, Strand die head, Water trough, Air knife, Pelletizer and Classifier. Built with greater emphasis on ‘reliability and safety’ to cater to the dynamic needs of the industry.

SPL 40 extruders are ideally suited for ‘small lot’ production with maximum ‘First pass yield’ and minimum wastage during ‘start-up & shut-down’. They are compact in design and have simple operating process with universal screw configuration resulting in minimum down time & low maintenance. SPL 40 lines are very effective for development of new formulations, testing & scale-up for commercial production with reliable reproducibility.

SPL 40 Applications include Color & performance Masterbatches (mainly in the manufacturing segments such as pens, stationary items, toys, novelties), Pre-colored compounds for auto & appliance parts (Auto interior molded parts), and Modified PP & HIPS for engineering applications involving reinforcement with minerals for small molded parts.

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