Silver Blends & Plastic Pvt Ltd- Commitment to Quality exhibiting at Plastivision Arabia 2012
The Silver Blends & Plastic was established in 2010 under the Narendra Group of companies. The evolution to Silver Blends & Plastic symbolizes the spirit of ingenuity that's applied to each and every project.

Silver Blends & Plastic believes in service and Technical solutions in the industry. World class facilities, cutting edge manufacturing technologies, commitment to quality, technical service and a pro-active customer service approach have been the driving force on Silver Blends & Plastic growth in the marketplace. The Directors are more than thirty (30) years of Expertise and Experience in the field of Plastics.

Technical support

By initiating joint research to develop and rapidly commercialize new products, Silver Blends team of Polymers skilled personnel will assess additives/compounds, provide field technical support, and evaluate emerging processing technologies

Our Commitment to Quality Silver Blends Polymers Quality System is will be shortly certified to ISO 9001:2000 and drives product consistency, continuous improvement and reduction of non-conformance.

MASTERBATCH DIVISION Silver Blends specializes in working closely with customers to create customized proprietary solutions fulfilling the most complex of formulation requirements. Masterbatch solutions include:
White concentrates up to 80% TiO2, various carriers - PE, PP, PS
A wide range of additives; Slip, Antiblock, Antioxidant, Processing Aids, UV's, Antistats,
Flame Retardants, Purges, Antifog and Biodegradable many others
Specialty additives and whites using customer supplied proprietary formula.

Compounding Division

With a full range of modern twin screw extruders utilizing the latest in process control systems, the technical expertise includes high loadings, dispersions, encapsulations and high/low energy mixing.

Process flexibility and scale up capability produces high quality results in existing and new applications enabling customers to achieve successes in the market place by differentiating their products.

Compounding facilities include:
Compounding various thermoplastics, - PE, PP, PS, PC, EVA, TPE, TPO, Nylon
Compounding highly filled Master Batches/Concentrates with minerals like Talc, Calcium, China Clay, Nano Clay, Synthetic Silica, Lithopone, Barium Sulfate, Wollastonite, Mica, Barite etc
We can supply wood filled polymers on demand, Biodegradable Compounds.
Joint technical developments with customers to assess new additives and compounds
Full material management, warehousing and packaging service.

Our Product Range
Anti-Fab Masterbatch
Calcium Filled Compound (Milky filler)
Talc Filled Compound (Natural filler)
Automotive / Furniture Compounds
Antistatic, Slip, Block
Bio-Degradable, Desiccant,
Optical Brightener, Flame Retardant,
Antimicrobial, Anti-Oxidant, UV Stabilizer


TiO2 Filled White Masterbatch (70/60/50%)
TiO2 Equiv. Filled White Masterbatch (70/60/50%)