Presenting the granules of perfection – excellence inspired by nature and engineered by IPPL Engineering Plastics.
Presenting the granules of perfection – excellence inspired by nature and engineered by IPPL Engineering Plastics come to life with the widest range of engineering thermoplastic compounds. Produced at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which incorporates a fully computerized quality check system and follows ISO/TS 16949 compliant procedures. An Indo-American joint venture, IPPL is part of a core group that pioneered the art of engineering with plastics, 50 years back.

With group companies, ‘Jyoti Plastic Works’ specializing in tool design, fabrication and molding, and ‘Polysmart Technologies’ focusing on product design, development and mold flow analysis, IPPL is equipped to deliver total solutions. Its manufacturing units in India, USA, Canada, Mexico and China, help IPPL cater to customer requirements in every corner of the world-at competitive prices, complete with comprehensive technical support.

IPPL offers product-specific compounds for customized applications in IT; Automobiles; Electricals; Electronics; White Goods and Telecommunications.

IPPL. ‘Valuengineering’ at its best, naturally.

IPLON : Polyamide (Nylon) 6 & 66 – Glass Fiber/Mineral Reinforced (FR/NON FR) COMPOUNDS Applications: Automotive Parts, Electrical & electronic Components, Bobbins, Switch Gears, Furniture & Fixtures, Housings of Hand Tools
IPTHER : PPO – Unfilled/Glass Fiber Reinforced (FR/Non FR) Compounds Applications : Meter Housings, Appliance Housings, Underwater Pump Parts
IPLITE: PBT – Antistatic/Glass Fiber Reinforced (FR/Non FR) Compounds Applications : Electrical Insulation, MCB/ELCB Components, Coil Formers, Bobbins, Housings for Lighting and Appliances, Pump Housings, Textile Components.
IPYLENE: PP – Talc Filled/Glass Fiber Reinforced compounds Applications: Appliances, Automobile Components, Furniture, Pump Housings, Washing Machine Components, Defence
In addition to the above, IPPL produces custom made Compounds, Blends and Alloys of Nylon 66, Polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS, Nylon/PPE, Nylon 66/PTFE