Lightest water bottles launched in UAE
In a step that signifies its commitment to protecting the environment, Masafi – one of the region's leading FMCG brands – has introduced the lightest 500ml water bottle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), manufactured with 23% reduced plastic. At a weight of just 13 grams, Masafi is the first company in the food and beverage sector across the Middle East to introduce the new eco-friendly bottles.

The reduced plastic on Masafi 500ml bottles considerably cuts down on the carbon emissions in the manufacturing and disposal processes. The launch of the new bottles is a major step in Masafi's Carbon Action Plan – a key initiative launched in 2008 aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in the UAE by cutting down on the carbon emissions from its manufacturing unit, product offerings, systems as well as services.

With the new technology, Masafi will cut down on an estimated 575 tonnes of PET on an annual basis. The innovative 'green' product is another socially-responsible initiative by Masafi and will help reduce the plastic landfill, thus considerably cutting down the rate of average carbon emission per person. The initiative further reinforces Masafi as one of the most eco-friendly FMCG brand in the region.

In comments on the new bottle, Mohammad Usman, Factory Manager of Masafi Water and Tissues line, said: "Masafi has always been at the forefront in environmentally-sound practices and we are extremely proud to launch the lightest 500ml water bottles in the UAE. The launch of the new bottles with reduced plastic will go a long way in ridding this planet of harmful non-degradable plastic waste. It is well known that 46,000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of Earth's oceans. The new reduced plastic technology will be introduced on 500ml bottles first, at no extra cost to customers and maintaining our world-class quality." Usman added: "The launch of the new bottles is part of Masafi's endeavour to be a leader in all aspects of its business – be its products, innovation, technology, environmental initiatives or supporting government initiatives. Apart from its innovative packaging technology, it showcases our commitment to develop best-in-class products, packages and manufacturing processes while acting responsibly in everything we do. The new bottles also have a new base innovation technology to resist the stacking pressure, thus reducing the damage to bottles in distribution."